Moores Mill Vol. Fire Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization, staffed by 100% professional volunteers, with a Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 4 rating. This rating helps the community by bringing lower insurance rates to homeowners and businesses. Established in 1977 our mission is: “To serve and protect our community through education, prevention, preparedness and response.” 

Training for personnel meets the standards as mandated by the Alabama Firefighters Personnel and Education Commission, 160 hours for Volunteer Firefighter and 40 hours for Firefighter 2. All Moores Mill personnel are trained to certification levels required by our by-laws and SOG's. We have access to Madison County Training Center 24/7, 365, within our district, giving our members constant access to company training.



Matthew Rodgers


Lynn Gann


Ryan Schneider


Captain - Payton Daily

Dustin Morrow- FF/EMT

Aubrey Morrow-EMT

Nathaniel Hall-Firefighter

Angie Hall-FF/EMT

Brittany Daily- FF/Paramedic

Zachary Trulson-FF/Paramedic
Ashley Rodgers-EMT

AJ Clarke-Support


Captain - Reece Howell

Jimmy Sharpe-FF/EMT

Donald Davis-FF/EMT

Johnny Brink-FF/EMT

Joe Friend-FF/EMT

Tyler Putman-Firefighter

Ryan Schneider-Firefighter


Captain - Tyler Bias

Matt Fry-FF/EMT

Aaron Pearson-FF/EMT

Adam Goode-EMT

Joe Friend-FF/EMT

Austin Coons-Support

Michael Posey-Support


Captain - Stephen Blakesly

Evan Yother-FF/EMT

Tom Yother-FF/EMT

Joseph Herlihy-FF/Paramedic

Mikle Holman-Firefighter

Jordan Oreskovich-Firefighter

Cole Lumley-Support

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