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Current Burn Restrictions: No Burn Order in effect May 1-Oct 1

Who are we?

Moores Mill Vol. Fire Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization, staffed by 100% professional volunteers, with a Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 5 rating. This rating helps the community by bringing lower insurance rates to homeowners and businesses. Established in 1977 our mission is: “To serve and protect our community through education, prevention, preparedness and response.” We currently serve Moores Mill and surrounding areas.


Our department is very appreciative of all donations that come to us whether it is time or money. If you are considering volunteering with the department please feel free to fill out a contact form saying you interested or drop off an application form at our Station one. Our crews are trained to the standards of the Alabama Firefighters Personnel and Education Commission. We also continuously push ourselves by furthering our training thanks to the Madison County Training Center within our District. More information/application can be found in the volunteer tab


Our fire department is 100% volunteer is totally dependent on donations like yours. Using this money we can buy new fire protection, medical equipment, or use it to give back to the community. With your donations we can help keep Moores Mill well equipped for any situation that comes into our district. Please donate by visiting our donate page.

Crew and Staff

Executive Staff

Payton Daily FF/EMT

Warren Sandusky - President

EMS Officers

EMS Deputy Chief- Stephan Saint


Jimmy Sharpe FF/EMT-I

Cory Kennedy - Vice-President

 - Treasurer

 - Secretary

EMS Captain- Dylan Farley


Captain - Stuart Gates

Matthew Rodgers - FF/Paramedic

Lynn Gann- Firefighter/EMT

Ron Hopkins- Firefighter/EMT

Rachael Chandler - Paramedic

Cory Kennedy - Firefighter

Eric Lindblad - EMT


Captain - OPEN

Joe Friend - FF/EMT-B

Ryan Schneider- Firefighter

Johnny Brink- FF/EMT

Elizabeth Smith - EMT-B

Shawn Singleton- EMT

Bailey Steadman - Firefighter

Brandon Wiley- Support

Captain - David Hoover

Will Manning - Firefighter

Mikle Holman- Firefighter

Faith Blanshan - EMT-B

Matt McHugh - EMT-B

Emily Wilbanks - EMT-A

Captain - Jordan Oreskovich 

Ivan Rios - FF / EMT-B /

Flight Nurse

Kimberly Debus- EMT

Amanda Saint- EMT

Traci Denmark - Support

Justin Schacht (Shot) - Support

Haddon Hines - Support

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