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Current Burn Restrictions: No Burn Order in effect May 1-Oct 1

Help Us, Find You…

If we can not find you, we can not help you in an emergency when every second may count — especially at night! Unfortunately, emergencies can and do happen and when precious seconds can mean the difference between life and death, you want to be sure you have done everything you can to put the odds in your favor.


Moores Mill Fire is making available to the general public, Reflective Address Signs. These signs that are constructed of high strength durable aluminum, standing bright with a highly reflective Blue. The signs are individually personalized with three inch white reflective bold numbers on both sides. 


The sign(s) will be delivered to your door, with advice on where to place it if needed.  You will need mounting hardware, as well as a post/stake if you choose not to put it on your mailbox post.


The signs are $20.00 each and the proceeds of this project benefit Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Rescue.


Reflective Address Sign Features:

  • Highly visible day or night

  • Reflective materials on both sides

  • Fade resistant, last for years

  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation

  • Easily installed on mailboxes or wooden posts.

  • Inexpensive and look good

  • Easy for friends, family, repair and delivery persons find your home too


If you live on a shared driveway with multiple houses or structures, you should consider a second sign that will identify your location.

Order yours today!

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